Universal milling machine, type: FCT-202

Built under official licence from POSALUX/Switzerland, according to original drawings of the trusted FCT-202

Universal milling machine type: FCT-202 with electronic control and two milling heads for automatic or manual working, for the ornamentation of all non-precious metals and for the drilling and milling of diamond rings and bracelets using diamond and carbide tools.

Description of machine:

  • Hand-operated machine with horizontal and vertical milling head enabling milling and drilling with one clamp.
  • Trusted, stable machine construction provides basis for the best milling quality.
  • PLC control of the youngest generation to control the stepper motor for dividing. Manual dividing, automatic dividing (hobbing) and tube milling.
  • Easy-to-operate using only a few buttons, no programming of machine necessary.
  • Machine and control unit "Made in Pforzheim“.

Vertical milling head for drilling, milling or perlée surfaces. Includes function for tube milling.