3D CAD Software for the jewellery and watchmaking industry
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The only "All-In-One“ jewellery software with full associative technology. Developed for and with goldsmiths and jewellers, 3DESIGN has established itself within a few years as a market leading 3D software for the creation of jewellery, watches and fashion accessories.

3DESIGN Program-Screenshot
3DESIGN Program Screenshot

3DESIGN can be used on both WINDOWS PCs and MAC-OS without any problems.

Mac-Os und Windows

The realistic representation of the design on the screen facilitates the working process for the designer already in the construction phase. 3DESIGN CAD is the perfect solution for professional designs on the computer as you can have a tailored 3D construction module as well as a comprehensive 2D drawing module.

Some of the most important features of 3DESIGN are:

  • Detailed Online Help in German spanning more than 100 pages
  • Quick and intuitive handling  through easy menu navigation
  • Extensive options to define setting for each function
  • Flexible desktop with the possibility of up to four views simultaneously
  • Many functions specific to jewellery and watches
  • Even more flexibility thanks to the unique parametric construction tree

3DESIGN on YouTube

3Shaper, an additional software solution for 3DESIGN, to model and create complex organic shapes.